About us

The main goal of the project is to set-up and test an open community and hands-on approach to Sustainable Development and STEM Education of children (6-12 years old), comprising:

• MiniOpenLabs: the MiniOpenLabs are small laboratories, open to the local community, where children, under the guidance of teachers or other educators (including parents), may engage in STEM-based projects on sustainable development.

• Activity Book: this Book will contain a set of STEM-based projects on sustainable development that may be carried out in the MiniOpenLabs.

• Workshops: includes creating guidelines and running different events to capacitate teachers on the MiniOpenLabs approach and to involve the local community on STEM education activities.

• Contest & Innovative Practices Booklet: this contest aims to recognise innovative practices in Sustainable Development and STEM Education in schools, giving more visibility to the need for a change in learning approaches.


The project brings together Higher Education Institutions, a Centre of Engineering and Product Development and Schools from 3 countries – Spain, Portugal and Greece:


• Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
• CEIPSO Maestro Rodrigo
• CEiiA Centre of Engineering and Product Development
• Scholé
• University of Western Macedonia
• Anatolia Educational Group

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