MOL concept

MiniOpenLabs are small laboratories where children will develop STEM activities, under the guidance of their teachers or other members of the educational community. They will be located in the schools and in them experiences involving the four STEM will take place. 

One of the four STEM areas will act as the conductive axis, the center of the experience and the rest of them will act as tools, or will be of secondary importance. For this reason, we conceived separate MOLs into two distinct blocks, as suggested in the Kick Offf Meeting.

Wherever a STEM activity can be carried out by the community involved in the Project, there will be a MOL. Therefore, MOLs can be conceived also outdoors, in nature. They should be open to the community, being able to participate, either in the experience itself or in the dissemination of results.

The activities will be carried out by children under the guidance of their teachers, or even their parents or other members of the educational community.

The methodology that will prevail in MOL will be the (STEM)Project/Problem Based Learning. Projects and problems will have a real context, where sustainability will be an important aspect.

Activities will have the aim of going further, and we will try to relate them to cultural, historical, and gender perspectives.